Get your resume ready or tell a friend, we have some beautiful churches open and looking for someone to call pastor. We are praying for God to call someone who is willing to be employed while they are the pastor.

Call the District office today for requirements and necessary information (720) 540-3183.

A healthy pastor will create a healthy church. Resumes are being accepted.


Centro Cristiano de Adoración

Durango, Colorado

This is a Spanish Speaking Church 

·      Durango has a population 19,000 people with a 10% Hispanic population.

·      The Animas River provides awesome Hunting and fishing.

·      Downhill skiing is just 25 miles away.

·      If God is calling you or one of your friends, Durango is going to be wonderful.

·      Pastor will have to have employment to support his family.

·      Church offers $500.00 a month for a starting salary.

·      Ivan Robles 970-759-3021,


Cristo El Rey

117 E 11th Ave

Antonito, Colorado 81120


Facebook Address:

Antonito is a warm, friendly community with a rich history. If you like hunting and fishing, you just found your place. This pastor will have to communicate in English.

·       Church is debt free and has a parsonage of 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, furniture and appliances and is connected to the church building.

·       Church has a dining area with kitchen.

·       Has eighty years of existence, Attendance is 15 to 20 people, most over the age of 50, Hispanic and all speak English, there are some children and grandchildren.

·       You will need to have employment while you shepherd this friendly church on the Colorado boarder.

·       Get your fishing boots, cowboy boots, and your hunting boots ready, this is your town.

·       Click Here to find out more: Antonito, CO | Data USA

·       Pastor Salary $200.00 a week or more to start.

·       No worship team: they do use YouTube videos with lyrics.

·       The people of Cristo El Rey church are very sincere and desirous of a Pastor who will be faithful to them; someone that will truly “lay down their lives” for the flock. They enjoy fellowship, games, etc. and are always ready to worship the Lord. Many of the elderly members have children and grandchildren who are not serving the Lord and are praying for God’s intervention in their lives. The church building is well-kept and is in need of a roof repair; the parsonage is spacious and would be perfect for a young family or empty nesters.

·       Richard Sisneros
Home: 719-376-2472  |  Cell: 719-298-7260


 Templo Getsemani.

301 S Ash Street

Yuma CO 80759

This is a growing church that is almost debt free, has a wonderful congregation and has just moved up to General Council Affiliated level.

·      Has 23 active adult members.

·      This beautiful little town is surrounded by large farms celebrates being a cowboy famer. This pastor will have to communicate in Spanish.

·      Monthly needed budget is $ 2000.00 that includes:

Pastor Salary   $1200.00

Mortgage         $  272.00

Utilities            $  481.00

Insurance        $  125.00
Internet           $    50.00

TOTAL              $1948.00

·      The monthly income average from $ 2500 to $ 3000.

·      Has a very enthusiastic Worship team.

·      Church building has a basement dining area and kitchen. No parsonage.

Services:  Worship 11:00 to 1:00pm

Wednesday, Bible Study, 7:30 pm to 8:45 pm.

Friday, Prayer Service,  7:30 pm to 8:45 pm


Logan, Utah

Pastor Luis Cuellar is looking for a Youth Pastor and also has an opportunity for a PAC pastor in a church already under his care in Burley, Idaho.

For more information, please call 435-770-0795.


Greeley West, Colorado

Pastor Milton Segovia Rojas is looking for an Associate Pastor. Church is offering a salary and more.

For more information, please call 970-413-6921.


Legacy Church FC, Fort Collins, Colorado

Pastor Daniel & Melody Espinoza are looking for a staff pastor. They are offering a parsonage and more.

For more information, please call 970-988-2949.


Taos Assembly of God

Taos, NM

Taos is a unique town with rich history.

Has a parsonage and is debt free.  Someone called to this church will see a great revival


For more information, please call your Superintendent at (720) 540-3183.